What is insulin resistance?

A woman holds a thermometer and a bottle of orange juice, suggesting she is monitoring her health and staying hydrated.

Some of you might have heard the word ‘ insulin resistance’ often at your primary care doctor office. It means that the body is not responsive to the insulin produced after eating, and this can result in a glucose ( sugar) spike. There are a few adverse effects from insulin resistance. 1. Extra secreted insulin can attract more fat tissue storage, which can lead to increased body fat. 2. Glucose spike can burn extra energy ( ATP). For people with abnormal glucose spike, can present extra fatigue or feeling tired. A common scenario is some people need to take a nap after lunch because feeling very tired. 3. Increased risks of developing diabetes. The insulin resistance can lead to pancreas overload, overtime, the chances of having diabetes is increased.

What can we do about this then? Try to limit food that rich in simple carbohydrates, including more protein rich food could be one of the options.


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